COAST Occupational Therapy offers a variety of on-site and off-site services
to ensure your child receives appropriate and effective support..


In the Studio.

Our on-site services include Initial Evaluations, weekly therapies, and social skills groups. Our specially equipped studios adhere to the requirements for addressing sensory processing skills and motor skills, as set forth by Ayres Sensory Integration.  This unique environment insures safety, inspires creativity, and makes success certain!


In the World.

Our off-site services include, but are not limited to, home visits, school observations, school consultation, and playground visits. Occupational therapists work in myriad environments to be sure that children are comfortable and confident wherever they need to be and in whatever they need to do. We meet you where you are and have fun doing it!


Team Support.

The most important people on any child’s team are the parents! And parenting sure is no easy feat. We are here to help because supporting children means supporting parents too. Every Initial Evaluation includes a Parent Meeting and it our pleasure to offer on-going parent meetings, a key to the success of the children who play and work at Coast!